Who will stay and who will go (Updated Wednesday)

Throughout the week I will be updating this post with news on how the race for the top 64 and top 8 one-year places is progressing and confirming when players are safe or no longer able to survive…

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On both pages I will highlight the names of the players who cannot survive via either method in red as the week progresses.

Players who as it stands CANNOT survive on tour:

  • Xiao Guodong, (10,640 points)
  • Sam Baird, (10,560 points)
  • Craig Steadman, (10,460 points)
  • Thepchaiya Un-Nooh, (10,460 points)
  • Lee Spick, (9,715 points)
  • Li Hang, (9,660 points)
  • David Hogan, (9,635 points)
  • Daniel Wells, (9,620 points)
  • Noppadol Sangnil, (9,490 points)
  • David Hogan, (9,230 points)
  • Atthasit Mahitthi, (9,180 points)
  • Brendan O’Donoghue, (9,140 points)
  • Mark Boyle, (8,940 points)
  • Mei Xiwen, (8,860 points)
  • Jordan Brown, (8,780 points)
  • Stephen Rowlings, (8,690 points)
  • Chris Norbury, (8,590 points)
  • Lee Page, (8,060 points)
  • Ian Preece, (8,035 points)
  • Andrew Norman, (8,003 points)

Will be added as the week progresses

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After yesterday’s preliminary round, today sees the first round of the Main Tour stage get underway as James Wattana, Michael White, Jordan Brown and Brendan O’Donoghue take on the four surviving non-tour qualifiers. Defeats for Brown and O’Donoghue would see them relegated from the tour while White, currently second on the one-year list, would be relying on other results going his way if he were to survive. As Armbrust has pointed out below in the comments, James Wattana would then be relying on further progress in the China Open which he has already qualified for.

As the first session draws to a close today it looks like Wattana and White will progress but Jordan Brown could be the first casualty as he trails Del Smith 5-4 at present. Brendan O’Donoghue’s match meanwhile is currently very slow going, though he does lead 3-2… Interesting, Paul Wykes has mounted a bit of a comeback to trail just 5-4…

First man through is Michael White who completed a 10-4 victory over David Singh a short while ago. Next up for the young Welshman will be a clash with Thai pro Noppadol Sangnil. Joining him is James Wattana who has defeated Paul Wykes 10-6 to set up a match with Lee Page tomorrow morning.

Jordan Brown has made it three professionals from three but Nic Barrow is putting up strong resistance against Brendan O’Donoghue, the pair locked at 8-8…but Brendan takes the next two to complete a good day for the professionals involved!


The first man to lose on Sunday evening was Lee Page, a result which confirmed his relegation after a poor season, while Thailand’s Thepchaiya Un-Nooh was soon to follow as he lost out to Matt Selt. There was better news for countryman Noppadol Sangnil at least as he defeated Michael White to move into the second round and keep his slim hopes of tour survival alive. Despite his defeat, Michael remains third on the one-year list at least and should retain his tour status for next season…

It was always going to be a tough ask for Stephen Rowlings and despite putting up against Sam Baird he eventually lost out to confirm his relegation. Jordan Brown also lost a tight match against Bjorn Haneveer, a result that relegated Brown but sent Bjorn up to 59th on the two-year list.

One man who has relied on the one-year list for a few seasons now is Lee Spick but this year his luck ran out as he was defeated 10-8 by Leicester’s Joe Jogia who will stay on the tour as a result.


First man through today was Tony Drago who continued his climb up the rankings, though he left Xiao Guodong sweating on other results if he is to stay on the tour. The situation is far more clear cut for Chris Norbury however as he suffered a 10-4 hammering at the hands of Mei Xiwen and lost his tour status as a result. Despite this win though it is going to be a tall order for Mei to retain his tour spot, he’ll need a few more wins yet…

One man who I had expected to do quite well this week was Craig Steadman but it was not to be as he lost a high quality match to Anda Zhang. His tour spot is like that of Thepchaiya un-Nooh, right in the balance as initially it looked like he was gone, but subsequent results have brought him back into contention as other players ahead of him on the one-year list have moved into the top 64. Ultimately however I expect both will miss out.

Latest winner is Ben Woollaston, a result that moves him up into the top eight on the one-year list and confirms Andrew Norman’s relegation from the tour. Unless he gets a wildcard again of course!

Just going to bed at 8-8 in the Couch match. I make the current top 8 on the one-year list:

  • Patrick Wallace
  • Joe Jogia
  • Michael White
  • James Wattana
  • Matt Couch
  • Ben Woollaston
  • Xiao Guodong
  • Liu Song

Have updated the two year list, not got time for the one-year unfortunately!


Ok so I have now been able to update the one-year list in full after the first round and the top eight are definitely as described above.

As ddrIII had kindly pointed out in the comments below, the situation is loosely as follows heading into Tuesday’s play:

Those must win to keep chance of survive:
Delaney, Davies, Jin Long, Baird, Woollaston, Liu Song, Zhang Anda, Noppadol Sangnil, Gray, Hogan, O’Donoghue, Boyle, Mei Xiwen, Roe

Those if lose, need to rely on other results:
Morris, Parrott, White, Jogia, Wattana(still have China Open)

Those should be safe whatever happens:
Joyce, Haneveer, Jimmy Robertson, Wallace(by 1-year-list), Bedford(by 1-year-list)

The first result of the day is in and it couldn’t have been more comprehensive, a 10-0 victory for Ireland’s Joe Delaney over young Sam Baird! This means that unfortunately Sam is relegated from the tour, while Joe vaults up several places to 58th on the two-year list and surely gives himself an excellent chance of retaining his top 64 place at the end of the year. What the result also means is that Simon Bedford drops out of the top 64, but second on the one-year list looks sure to retain his tour status in any event. Also of course he is not out of this tournament yet! It does mean however that Liu Song now definitely needs to win his opening match to stay on tour.

I am not at Sheffield today but have just got off the phone to regular blog commenter JohnH who was present and full of information. The most impressive performance seems to have come from Mark Joyce who leads Jimmy Robertson overnight, though had Jimmy played like that against most other players today he would most probably have come out 6-3 ahead!

John Parrott is right in the thick of it for tour survival as he trails 4-5, but seems to be fighting hard and really making a match of it. With his vast experience it would not be the biggest surprise if he were to battle his way into the third round. Another veteran who is in good shape is David Roe, a man who has barely won amatch during the past couple of seasons and is a certainty for tour relegation. It is good to see him going down fighting though as he leads 5-4 against Leicester’s Ben Woollaston.

Paul Davies currently leads 8-5 in a match he must win while Lawler/Sangnil look like they may be out there all night…

Next man through is Bjorn Haneveer who further cements his position inside the top 64 at the expense of Dave Gilbert who will remain outside of the top 48 as a result. Very disappointing for such a talented player.

The revival of James Wattana has continued meanwhile as he has recorded an excellent 10-8 victory against Leeds’ Peter Lines tonight to gain a further 500 ranking points. While he remains just outside of the top 64 on the two-year list, he now sits top of the eight players on the one-year list who will remain on the tour for next season and will surely be around in 2010/11. Not such a good result for Lines though, he has still not won a ranking event match since his run to the quarter-finals of the UK Championship now…

Paul Davies completes a 10-7 victory over Joe Jogia, a win which lifts him back up inside the top 64 and keeps his hopes of tour survival alive. The result is a disappointing one for Joe but he should too remain on the tour by virtue of the one-year list. Another consequence of Davies’ victory is that Jimmy White is now down to 65th and must beat Mark Boyle tomorrow if he is to retain his tour status (though I am sure he would get a wildcard anyway). John Parrott too is precariously placed in 64th and needs to turn things around against Anda Zhang…

Next through is Rod Lawler who has ended Thai player Noppadol Sangnil’s hopes of remaining on the tour for next season with a 10-7 win, while also boosting his own chances of moving into the top 48…

Matt Selt has come back from 9-5 down to just one behind at 9-8 now, could be drama yet at the EISS tonight…but Barry comes through to seal a very important victory, one that secures his place on the tour for another season.

That brings to a close the latest day of the qualifiers and I have now been able to fully update both my one-year and two-year ranking lists. Assuming my calculations are correct, the top eight on the one-year list now look to be:

  • James Wattana
  • Patrick Wallace
  • Simon Bedford
  • Joe Jogia
  • Michael White
  • Matt Couch
  • Ben Woollaston
  • Xiao Guodong


The big story from Wednesday afternoon’s session is that John Parrott has failed in his bid to qualify for the Crucible by losing 10-6 to Anda Zhang and in doing so finds himself on the brink of losing his main tour status. Indeed if Jimmy White can defeat Mark Boyle later tonight then the 1991 world champion will be relying on a tour wildcard if he is to continue his career. For Zhang meanwhile, the result just lifts him into the top eight on the one-year list which means that as things stand he will retain his tour status. Long way to go though.

Elsewhere both David Roe and Jin Long managed to win their first matches of the season, ending Brendan O’Donoghue’s spell on the main tour as well as leaving Ben Woollaston in trouble down in 7th on the one-year list. For David and Jin however they will both still need at least one more win if they are to stand a chance of avoiding relegation…

Note that my rankings pages have now both been updated to the end of this afternoon’s session.

Tom Ford is the first man through tonight at the expense of David Hogan who is relegated from the tour as a result. Also losing his place is Liu Song who was defeated by the irrepressible Tony Drago, 10-7.

Simon Bedford is out, a 10-6 loser against Robert Milkins but lying third on the one-year list he should at least remain on the tour for next season.

Interesting, David Gray has pulled off another impressive win, this time defeating Andy Hicks to keep his hopes of tour survival alive for a while longer yet. He will probably have to qualify for the Crucible if he is to achieve that goal but he has at least kept himself in the hunt. For Hicks though it marks a disappointing end to what was ultimately a very disappointing season having performed so well last year.

Also a winner is Irishman David Morris who has now made sure of his tour spot for next season. Mei Xiwen though will not be so fortunate, his defeat meaning that he will not be back for 2010/11.

And finally the biggest result of the lot, Jimmy White has won and not only given his hopes of remaining inside the top 64 a significant boost, but also relegated 1991 world champion John Parrott from the tour in the process. I will post more on this over the coming days…