PSB News: Newsletter to Launch, Live Rankings Surgery

It has been a while since I have provided a bit of site news but with a couple of developments in the pipeline now seems like as good a time as any to canvass opinion on a couple of blog ideas…

PSB Newsletter

As a few of you have noticed, over on the siderbar to the right there is now an option to subscribe for a PSB Email Newsletter, just underneath the Sponsored Links section.

As of yet the idea is still a relatively fresh one so I have not yet sent a newsletter out but hopefully in the next couple of weeks I will be able to trial the service. I have not quite decided on how to structure it in terms of content as initially I had planned to send something out after each ranking event tournament with a ranking update on perhaps, but am now thinking that perhaps a monthly recap of all of the best features and happenings in the snooker world during the previous month for anyone who might have missed something might be a good idea.

All ideas and subsequent feedback are welcome in any case and if you are interested, all you have to do is pop your email address into the appropriate section.

Rankings Surgery

Now I cannot take credit for this idea but it has been suggested to me recently that with the increasing popularity of the live chat feature and the imminent seedings cut-off after PTC6 in early October, I could pop the live chat up one evening for people to come along and ask any questions that they might have about the rankings race.

I have not decided on a date yet but given by the amount of confusion that the various rankings lists can throw up, at times, it seems like a good idea for people to get a full understanding of how the system works and how the seedings look set to fall at the next cut-off.

Of course if any players or indeed anyone would like to ask me something away from the blog then please feel free to email me.

Player Blogs

On another note I would also like to take this opportunity to again thank both Jack Lisowski and Liam Highfield for taking the time to blog for me last month and look forward to bringing you the latest instalments from their respective 2011/12 campaigns in the next few weeks.


Elsewhere I am always trying to improve the site where possible, a few of you may have noticed the facebook ‘like’ and Twitter sharing buttons that I have finally added to the bottom of each post while I am sure there will be more (hopefully) helpful features to follow over the coming months.

Thanks to everyone for your continued support as the blog enters its fourth year. Where has the time gone?