WPBSA Statement – Case to Answer For John Sutton


As a result of suspicious betting patterns on the match between John Sutton and Jamie Burnett at the International Championship in Barnsley on 24th September 2014, Nigel Mawer, the Chairman of the WPBSA Disciplinary Committee, launched an investigation supported by the International Centre for Sport Security (ICSS) and the Gambling Commission SBIU .

The available evidence has been considered and in accordance with the Disciplinary Rules, he has decided that there is a case for John Sutton to answer in relation to a breach of the WPBSA Members Rules, Betting Rules.

The case will be heard at a formal hearing of the WPBSA Disciplinary Committee on a date and at a venue to be confirmed.

Jason Ferguson, Chairman of the WPBSA, said: “John Sutton is not a WPBSA member or current tour card holder. He is an amateur player who gained access to some events through our open qualifying structure. He was bound by the WPBSA Rules as a condition of accepting his invitation to play in this event. Under our policy for the global governance of the sport we treat any potential breach of our betting rules very seriously and I have taken the decision to suspend John Sutton from competition. This suspension will remain in place until the conclusion of the hearing or hearings and the determination of this matter.”

The rules in question are:

WPBSA Members Rules – Section 2 Betting Rules

2.1.2 Corruption: to fix or contrive, or to be a party to any effort to fix or contrive, the result, score, progress, conduct or any other aspect of the Tour and/or any Tournament or Match;

2.1.3 Misuse of inside information: to use for betting purposes, or to provide to any other person for such purposes, any information relating to the Tour and/or any Tournament or Match that the ember possesses by virtue of his position within the sport and that is not in the public domain or readily accessible by the public;

  • mikets

    He was in the draw for the Welsh Open next week, so I wonder if Yu Delu now gets a walk-over into the second round or if the next player in the QSchool rankings (Sean O’Sullivan?) is invited to take Sutton’s place.

    • Matt

      I’d imagine it’s a walkover, but that’s just a guess.

      • E JONES

        its a walkover according to world snooker

  • mikets

    I know this is off-topic, but I see that the draws for India and China are now up on the World Snooker scores page. Looking at the players in the top 8 seeding positions it would appear that Selby, Ronnie, N Robertson, Murphy, Bingham, Allen and Maguire are all skipping India (Hawkins is seeded 2 behind Ding) but there must be only 2 more top-64 players missing since 74th-ranked Lyu Haotian is not in the 64 seeds.
    Luca (ranked 66) is unseeded for China, so there’s only one top-64 player missing there – it appears to be Martin Gould.