Player Profiles Updated

As ever, while the professionals have had a few rare weeks off ahead of the new season while the amateurs have battled it out at Q School, here at PSB I have been working on the annual marathon of updating my player profiles which you can now view here.

All pages for professionals during 2014/15 have now been updated, but if anybody spots any mistakes or any players would like me to change anything, please let me know.

In terms of the new professionals for next season, I have now added template pages for all of them, but if any readers have any information or photos that I may use to fill in the blanks, again please do get in touch either by leaving a comment below, or emailing me at

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My New WPBSA Blog

WPBSAbannerAs some readers may have already seen on Twitter during the past few days, in what is an exciting development for me personally and hopefully for those of you who enjoy reading this website, I will now also be blogging for the WPBSA with immediate effect.

In particular, the blog will initially concentrate on the various ranking battles that will run during the course of the season, while I also hope to be able to work with the WPBSA to provide fans and players alike with further resources via their website going forwards.

Do not worry however – normal service will be maintained here at PSB and this blog will continue to provide the same level of analysis, news and stories from the sport as has been the case during the past six years.

There will though be different articles to read over at my new WPBSA blog, which you can read by clicking here, including my latest piece explaining why Neil Robertson will return to the world number one ranking after this weekend’s Lisbon Open.

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Lists You Might Have Missed…


When I first started this blog back in August 2008, the intention was to provide insight and opinion on professional snooker, but what I hadn’t foreseen at the time was just how much focus I would go on to place on statistics and in particular rankings.

With the advent of rolling rankings and seeding cut-off points however, the blog has evolved to a point where there are now a large number of ranking lists, ranking races and even century statistics and for those of you who might have missed some, today I take a look at some of the key pages to follow over the coming months…


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PSB Player Profiles Updated


A brief update here to let readers know that I have now finally updated all of the existing player profiles here at PSB to the end of the 2013/14 season, as well as added new profile pages for all of the rookie professionals joining the main tour for the start of the 2014/15 campaign.

As ever early in the season, there are a few players that I do not have information or photos of, so any assistance with those would be appreciated.

If you are a player and you would like me to change anything, then please feel free to contact me at, or by leaving a comment on this or another page on the site itself.

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Site Notice – Blog Comments Restored


One question that I have regularly been asked during the past 12 months is when will the comments function be restored here at PSB, certainly something that I have missed, as I do like to interact and welcome feedback from all readers.

The good news then, is that we are now in the process of restoring comments, certainly to new articles at the moment, if not existing ones. The comments facility is slightly different to the previous one, but hopefully will be reasonably self-explanatory.

Any problems, please feel free to contact me, either by leaving a comment, or by sending me an email/tweet to the usual addresses at the top of the page.

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Happy Christmas 2013

So it is that time of year again and time to wish everyone a happy Christmas 2013, as we take a break from the snooker action for a few days, before we enter the crunch part of the professional season.

While I will be posting less between now and the new year, I hope to have an updated ‘tour survival’ piece up in a few days, while I will also begin work updating the player profiles on the blog.

Thank you to everyone who has continued to support the blog by reading it in 2013, it is very much appreciated!

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Pro Snooker Blog Turns Five!

It is rather hard to believe, but today marks the fifth birthday of this humble snooker blog, which I started back in August 2008.

Five years, nearly 3,932 posts, 383 pages, the odd technical glitch and an unspeakable amount of rankings updates since however, the blog is still going strong and with the same aim as ever, to help publicise the brilliant sport of snooker.

Click below for an unashamedly self-indulgent look back at the last five years and thanks to those who have helped me along the way…


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Player Profiles Updated

As the Wuxi Classic qualifiers continue, with world number one Mark Selby having already become the first high profile casualty of the new tour structure, a brief bit of site news today to confirm that I have today completed the usual end of season update to my player profiles.

Not only have I updated the existing profiles, but I have also added new pages for the new players to the tour in 2013/14, such as Gary Wilson, Elliot Slessor and Allan Taylor.

As you will quickly notice, I am in need of photos for the majority of those new players, while I do not have confirmed dates of birth for a few, so if you have any more information that could be included, or spot a mistake, please feel free to message me on Twitter @prosnookerblog, or drop me an email at

Many thanks!

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