Lee Costs Total £125,000


The WPBSA have today issued a further statement in respect of the Stephen Lee case, revealing that he must now pay a further £20,000 in respect of the costs of his appealing, bringing the total amount owed up to £125,000.

Click below for the full statement and the link to the full decision of Nicholas Stewart QC…

Nicholas Stewart QC has delivered his ruling on the costs of the final part of Stephen Lee’s appeal against his finding that he was in breach of the WPBSA Rules for match and spot fixing in connection with seven matches in 2008-9. The appeal was against the finding, sanction and the costs order imposed by Adam Lewis QC in September 2013.

Mr Stewart said that Stephen Lee failed completely in his appeal and has ordered that in addition to costs orders already made against him, he must pay the WPBSA £20,000 towards its costs of this appeal.

This means that Stephen Lee owes the WPBSA £75,000 in costs from the original hearing, £30,000 from the first part of his appeal and a further £20,000 from the second part of his appeal, a total of £125,000.

The full decision of Nicholas Stewart QC is available on the WPBSA website here.